A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Anxiety:  Revelation of Mind introduces you to the forgotten story of a dark past.  Play as Henry Willsmeer and unravel the secrets of Berkley House. Anxiety:  Revelation of Mind is a first person survival horror, set in the early 1900s.  A game about discovery and immersion with a focus on dynamic puzzle solving.

The currently released version is just a prototype. If the prototype is well received then development will continue.
The average play time is one - two hours. 

Brief Story Outline:
Play as Henry Wilsmeer a middle aged man who has lost everything in his life to the extension of his own memory due to a severe WW1 accident. Returning from recovery Henry received the occasional voice in his head. The voice amplified over time and began haunting Henry to the edge of insanity.  Henry became alone, only surrounded by the endless cry. Although, not until recently the voice became comprehensible. Henry's previous description of a haunting voice had shifted to a calling. In a last attempt to free the shackles of the voice Henry blindly follows the voice to a mysterious abandoned location. Upon exploration Henry has an accident falling through a collapsing floor, becoming unconscious. Once awake the voice had disappeared!

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
(12 total ratings)
Tags3D, First-Person, Ghosts, Halloween, Horror, Physics, Spooky, Story Rich, Survival Horror


Anxiety Revelation of Mind ( v.0.1).exe 205 MB
Anxiety Revelation of Mind (v.0.1).zip 267 MB
Anxiety Revelation of Mind (v.0.1).zip 273 MB

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What do you do when you have 5/5 batteries,I CANT  PUT THEM IN MY FLASHLIGHT!?

Please tell m

You can only hold up to 5 batteries, if you want to use one just press Q.  Hope this helps.

Thanks mah dood,appreciate it alo

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Part one of Matt's playthrough of the game,  he struggled with opening one of the doors so gave up but has said he likes the game and intends to try again.

My frustration got the best of me, so I couldn't really continue.

I really enjoyed what I played of this, I don't if I was doing something wrong or there was a bug not allowing me to do things but anyway I will definitely play the full game.

I have a Mac high Sierra and I’m having the same problem with the keys! They only make the sound but don’t pick them up. Other than that the game looks amazing!!!!


A little long for a prototype but enjoyed the experience! :)

This is the first part of my let's play on this, its a really good game I just got stuck on a part which is in the next vid.

Awesome! Glad to hear that you enjoyed it :


I haven't really gotten a chance to play the game because when I click the keys, I hear the sound effect, but it is still there...and I checked my inventory too! I did uninstall and reinstall it. I have a Mac High Siera, anything you could maybe do?  thanks!


The same thing is happening to me, it would be great if you could fix it :)

i hav literally just gotten into this and i have to say, its amazing so far! the visuals, the audio, that very creepy lady! not looking forward to the next ep :'D really good job on creating this! :D


Thanks. It is great to hear that you are enjoying the game!

your welcome!! :D

This game was really good! I did enjoy it. The one thing it reminded me of was Amnesia: The Dark Descent and thats why I loved it so much. But yea great game. 

Thanks, and great video! Amnesia was the initial inspiration for the game. It is nice to know that I have been successful in creating a tone similar to Amnesia.

Fuck, it looks like outlast! AWESOME!!!

Thanks! It isn't everyday that my game is compared with one of the greatest horror games!

done! but stuck at the same time

Nice video! Thanks for trying out the game. And yes, some of the puzzles are a little hard. However, I have successfully implemented a save and load feature which will come out in the next update which will help in completing the game.

oh cool! that would be much better



정말 즐겁게 즐겼다. 정말 좋은 게임이라고 생각한다.

I really enjoyed it. I think it is a really good game.

It is great to hear that you enjoyed the game! Your video was also very entertaining despite the language difference. Thanks again!

Hello, not trying to be a downer, but I tried to play this game on Ubuntu 17.10 , and it loaded up fine, but I could not select "New Game" or "Exit".

Hmm, that is strange behaviour I haven't heard of that happening before. Is any of the buttons working? Also the buttons that are not working do they change colour when you hover atop them? You may need to reinstall, however if it still does not work you might have to wait until my next update which should not be too long from now. Thanks for the feedback it helps a ton in finding these strange bugs!

i livestreamed this game last night :0 i really enjoyed it, but i couldn't fnish it due to my utter failures at opening a jail cell door :V

Thanks for playing the game! Great video by the way, unfortunate that you were unable to finish. Hopefully, I will release an update introducing a save mechanic so that it does not have to be completed in a single sitting.

Thanks again!

3D TV VR box google cardboard video steroscopic 3d side by side sbs 18 min gameplay


Thanks for playing the game! I will have to try it with google cardboard.

Thanks again!

Really enjoyed this game. Took me actually 2hrs to complete but that because i was reading everything and simply enjoying the enviroment. Few bugs and random framerate drops but other then that its a solid indie game.

It is great to hear that you enjoyed the game! At the moment I have been working on fixing the random bugs. Hopefully most of them will be gone soon.

Thanks again!

I'm really eager to make a Let's Play for your game, but when I fired it up to test it while recording, I noticed that it would never let me actually pick up any key. It would only play the jingle sfx when clicked. Is there anything I can do to fix this, or should I just re-download it??

That is strange that is first time I have heard of that happening. I will look into it and if the re-download did not work you might have to wait until my next update.

Thanks for the feedback it really helps me find these obscure bugs.

Haven't played it all yet but really enjoyed what I have played so far!! Really love the time setting as I haven't played many games around this time period :)

Thanks for the awesome experience and here is my video of how I got on :D


Thanks for playing the game! Your video was very enjoyable to watch, keep up the great videos.

Thanks again!

This game is absolutely amazing, could be another "gem" amongst the category, really enjoyed it. The Atmosphere and everything involving to it (even no spelling mistakes in the story) reveals a quality product. Only hoping that in the end I don't become followed by a "slenderman" type of a monster, but that is all up to the developer what he/she wants to do with it.
 I love First Person roaming games with fluid transitions, unexpected things happening around you, the anxiety building up but knowing it's only a game... 

Played the game during my ocassionally #FreakyFriday where I play random indie games and this one definately caught my eye.

Thank you Developer!

It is great to hear that you enjoyed the game!!! It is these comments that really motivate me to continue development. Thanks :)

There are just a few glitches that need some work on, like at certain points (corners in rooms) that give a massive memory leak or lagg but it's gone when you make one step into the other direction, a drawer from a desk that you can pull through the room while it floats and a chest which says it's locked, but still animates it getting opened (you can't take the stuff out, but that animation should not be there)...

And there should be a button when you press ESC that you can see the controls again. Some people hardly look at the controls in the beginning and forget how to switch the batteries from their flashlight in order to make it work again.

And I hope that the save game option will not be like that you can save at any moment but that you can save only once per checkpoint. So you have the power to save at any point within that chapter, but only once. You enter the next chapter? Again, you get one savepoint granted.
Because otherwise every game becomes easy, how hard the gameplay might be, being able to save at any moment, would make it too easy.
"oh he is not seeing me [SAVE GAME] and I do another step and he still didnt see me [SAVE GAME] oh shit he saw me when I took a step to the right [LOAD GAME] okay okay I am now doing a step to the left, yeay he didn't see me" [SAVE GAME] - catch my drift?

And yeah well, even though you used the audio recordings of Amnesia, in your game the sounds are just right. More suitable. Works better then in Amnesia.  But yeah, making your own sounds might be tricky, because the sounds are very important. If it sounds too childish or rediculous, even with awesome graphics that game would flop anyways.

I hope this message is of any help to you?
Looking forward to the next update! Take care!

Thanks for the feedback! It really helps in finding those bugs. Your idea of having a single save per level is interesting. It made me think of games in which saving can only be done at particular objects however, maybe I could add an item which allows you to save. Therefore, it will encourage exploration at the same time.  In the next update  I should have all the bugs you listed fixed to the best I can. I also plan to add a settings section in the pause menu which will show the controls as well other settings such as sensitivity, gamma etc.

Thanks again for the feedback, have a nice day!

I'll delete it and redownload it, see if it'll fix it.

nope, still doesn't work.

when I try to play it the games really dark and unplayable Ive watch other people play it and its not ike what im seeing. Plz help

Could you please send a screenshot so I can see how dark it really is. It may just be your monitor brightness. 

However, you do give me an idea, next update I will probably work on a 'settings' feature, which will contain a slider for gamma (brightness) . 

Thanks for letting me know!

this is the first room of the game and and my flashlight is on

I will try the game and see if i have the same problem.

its fine for me


Really enjoyed it to be honest. It felt a little like a good Amnesia mod and I was sad when it ended.

Hey CjuGames,

It is great to hear that you enjoyed the game. Your video was very entertaining to watch and I ended up getting stuck watching a bunch of your other videos! Amnesia was my main inspiration for the game and as you noticed most of my audio is from that game, the reason being I have no way to record my own sounds in high quality. However,  I am still considering whether to continue the game into further development if I do I'm planning to replace every sound with my own recordings.

Thanks again!